Here is an article from Daily jugantor(26/10/2015) :

In Bangladesh, only a few re-rolling mills are manufacturing international standardized rod which is tested by BUET and approved by BSTI. On the other hand, some owners of the re-rolling mills are being provoked by few dishonest shopkeepers and marketing their products by giving fake seal of 500W, 400W, 60 Grade. In this regard, all the rod’s users are requested to be alert and also advised to verify the authentication of 500W, 400W, 60 Grade rod before using it. On behalf of the association, our humble request goes to the government authority to immediately stop the infrastructures such as- buildings, bridges and others built by the fake sealed 500W, 400W, 60 Grade. Usage of these fake rods may cause huge devastations to the structures during earthquake or any other natural disastrous calamities. It is being duly requested to take necessary steps to prevent the fake sealed 500W, 400W, 60 Grade rod from being marketed and sold. Also, it is being requested to take immediate action against both the owners and the sellers, due to disobeying the BSTI act, marketing the fake sealed 500W, 400W, 60 Grade rods, and imitating the trademark.